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Krämer Marktforschung, Siemensstrasse 57-59, 48153 Münster, Germany

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The owner-managed company has grown to become one of the leading European field services institutes in qualitative and quantitative market research since its establishment in 1986. In addition to full-service institutes and consulting firms, also the private economy and public institutions are part of our clientele. As a service provider we fulfil your demands with the highest personal effort. Over the years the number has grown to 60 employees. In addition, Krämer Marktforschung has six test studios in Germany. Beyond the German borders we are assisted by CIDO Research, a renowned international partner. Having more than 400 CATI stations and approx. 3,000 native speakers in the world we carry out surveys and analyses for almost all countries. We have an especially strong presence in our permanent locations in Asia, USA and Europe. With CIDO Research as our partner we project the services portfolio of Krämer Marktforschung onto the whole world.

Telephone interviews for an efficient collection of information:

Krämer Marktforschung having approx. 600 interviewers in Europe including native speakers in all common languages, we act on your behalf and search for opinions within your target group via telephone. Based on the lower organizational effort required we can implement your study in no time. All answers are directly digitally processed. This enables us to generate significant results within a short time.

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