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Do you know that limestone is all around you? It  It's an essential product and is used to, for example, building roads, purifying water, balancing acidity in soil, helping to fertilize fields and even making the paper, toothpaste and many other products white!

Lhoist Group is a family-owned mining company. We are the global producer and the industry leader of lime, dolime, and mineral products. We supply lime and mineral products to many major markets including steel, flue gas treatment, roads and civil works, industrial and municipal water treatment, building, agriculture, and paper. 

We are 6,400 employees around the globe with more than 50 nationalities who run the business from A to Z as operational experts, R&D engineers and management professionals.

We are passionate about the business we have been in for more than a century. As a private company, we believe in continuity and look for people with a long-term vision to help us to grow. That could be you! 

We continuously embrace sustainability at the heart of our actions and long-term vision, we strongly believe in business continuity while stepping up our engagement for future generations and environment. 

At Lhoist, people matter. Our employees’ ongoing efforts to innovate and seek out new opportunities as well as their achievements, have brought about our global success and growth. We appreciate and reward them for that. 


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