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Eco-friendly packaging for food and non-food industries

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Paris & Barcelona

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We provide eco-friendly packaging food and non-food industries


  • Founded:  by French buyers.
  • Provides:  recycled, recyclable, and compostable packaging solutions for food and non-food industries.
  • Global Presence: France, Spain, and Hong Kong for efficient supply chain optimisation.


  • Innovation and Sustainability: Constantly innovating packaging solutions while minimising ecological impact.
  • Clientele: Proudly serving new generation restaurant franchises, Dark (Ghost) kitchens and pharmacy chains across Europe.
  • Quality Assurance: Customised packaging undergoes rigorous quality control at various stages to ensure exceptional standards upon delivery.


  • Prioritises:  nurturing young talents.
  • Fosters:  a culture of learning, growth, and collaborative synergy within its dynamic team.
  • Encourages:  individuals to join the team to learn and contribute to a greener future.

How is it working with them? 

FAQ – JobTeaser asks the questions for you

  • What makes your company a great place to work for young talents?

    You´ll be included in our projects and will gain a real-world experience from day one. You will receive guidance and mentorship from the industry experts. You'll have the opportunity to learn from the best and develop various skills. You´ll work alongside a young and enthusiastic team.

  • Is it possible to progress to a full-time position after an internship or apprenticeship?

    Yes, there is a possibility of a half- or full- time employment in some cases

  • Can students and recent graduates work remotely?

    Not for now, we really love the synergy in the office, but maybe in future we will consider

  • Do you have any particularly busy recruitment periods throughout the year?

    We are flexible

Deep dive into their world

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Production of the bags in one of our factories.

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There are many packaging providers but MBA Green is the coolest one;)

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  • International presence

    2 countries

  • Average age of employees

    32 years

  • Values

    Reduce our footprint • Quality control • Optimised processes • Prioritising young talent

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Paris & Barcelona

Their CSR commitments

Already 3 actions completed 💚

  • We are providing eco packaging

  • We source the waste in the office

  • We try not to print but organize our paperwork digitally