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Multinationale spécialisée dans l'agroalimentaire (Vahiné,Ducros)

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McCormick is a world leader in flavors.

Founded in Baltimore in 1889 in a room and a cellar by 25-year-old Willoughby McCormick with three employees, McCormick is a global leader in flavour.

With 12.400 employees around the world and more than $5 billion in annual sales, the Company manufactures, markets and distributes spices, seasoning mixes, condiments and other flavourful products to the entire food industry, retail outlets, food manufactures and food service businesses. 

McCormick is present in France with the brands Ducros and Vahiné, leaders in the market of herbs, peppers and spices and dessert aids.




We have a passion for flavor !

The company is serving customers from nearly 50 locations in 27 countries and consumers can buy our brands in more than 150 markets and territories

Our industrial business flavors snacks, wraps, beverages, and many other products for customers, which include global restaurant chains and leading food manufacturers. 

McCormick is present in key consumer markets with leading brands, including Schwartz in the UK, Ducros, and Vahine in France and Kamis in Poland.

McCormick EMEA Headquarters are in Haddenham (UK). 

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