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    Five job search tips to help you land your dream job

    Job-hunting can be a very tiring process. Especially if your approach to seeking a position that meets your standards, requirements, or hopefully dreams, tends to lack organization. You know what you want, but you’re not sure how to get there. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that will ensure you get the job you’re after, but there are a lot of best practices that are versatile or can be adjusted to the position you’re seeking. We’ve put together a list of job search tips, which can help you organize your thoughts and efforts, and hopefully help you land your dream job and shape your career path - whether this will be at P&G or somewhere else. FIVE TIPS FOR LANDING YOUR DREAM JOB 1. BE PREPARED The best place to start is your own experience and how you want to show it off to your future employer. Say you’re interested in a position in sales - that’s what should stand out in your CV. Sounds obvious, right? Not exactly. Many people create one CV which they send to multiple employers (nothing wrong with that!) but they’re applying for jobs in multiple industries, different business units, and in different companies. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that job offers will describe in detail what the responsibilities are for that role, what type of experience or education is required and what skills are nice to have. This is a great way to kick off the list of interview questions you want to prepare for. You’ll be more confident during your interview and prove to the recruiter that you care about the job and respect their time. We’ve also prepared a list of interview tips, that will help you stand out and impress us if you’re considering applying for a job at P&G. 2. THE POWER OF EARLY EXPERIENCE If you’re at the beginning of your career, gaining experience should be your top priority - whether it’s an internship program, work placements, or volunteering - all of these will show your future employer that you went out of your way to spend time learning a craft, and gathering insights. Beginnings can be rocky but they’re much easier when your first steps aren’t actually your first steps - because you already have experience in some type of business environment. Everything you’ve learned is what builds your potential. And this will surely help you stand out from your competition. 3. NETWORK AND RESEARCH LIKE A PRO! There will always be a community in the industry you’re interested in. To fully grasp what your future position could look like, where to look for a job, what the recruitment process can look like from an employee’s point of view, we highly recommend doing some networking. Many have been in your shoes before and are keen to share their experiences - and with the whole world at your (literal) fingertips, it’ll be a matter of seconds before you find a blog or forum where there will be someone who can tell you about what they went through when they were looking for the job you’re after. You can research job fairs in the industry you’re interested in and check out if your school or local Labor Office conducts job programs. These could help you reach out to someone who could answer any questions you might have about the industry or even a specific company. 4. USING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR JOB APPLICATIONS A typical approach to applying for a job is through an employer website or a job portal. With social media growing exponentially, you could consider contacting your potential employer through their Social Media accounts - through a public tweet from the blue or maybe a direct message referring to a job posting you came across. Keep in mind that these platforms are most likely not monitored by recruiters, but with a creative approach and the right message, your application might be one of few that catches the eye of someone who could help you reach out to the right person. So next time you see a Social Media post about a job that seems right for you, consider contacting that employer through that platform - maybe you’ll find one on our LinkedIn? We’ll be waiting to hear from you. 5. CHOOSE YOUR EMPLOYER As we mentioned above, streamlining your efforts and tailoring your CV for one industry is just one of the strategies you can choose from. You can take it a step further and address one company and target it specifically. This requires more research, but it’s the literal example of “quality over quantity” - and shows an employer that you did your homework and are fully prepared. Approaching one company at a time allows you to thoroughly research its industry, website, Social Media channels, press coverage, business model - or your priority - the application process itself. At P&G we encourage applicants to get to know our hiring process so that they can properly prepare for interviews, potential tests, or questions that they might encounter. START YOUR CAREER PATH AT PG We’re glad you’re interested in building your career path and hope you’re considering applying to P&G. We’d like to share a few benefits of working with us. PROFESSIONAL TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT At P&G we guide you throughout your professional development. We host multiple training opportunities that are aligned with your specialization - they will help you better understand your responsibilities and be more successful in your area of expertise. PG OFFERS HIGH FUTURE EARNINGS A crucial aspect of every job is compensation, which grows alongside the value an employee provides. If you’re looking for a bright future and a job with high earnings, P&G is the place to be. Read about our benefits here. WORK IN AN INNOVATIVE COMPANY If you want to have an impact on the real world, work in a company that influences communities around the globe, and generally makes the world a better place, P&G can provide all of the above. We encourage every employee to share their ideas and watch them come to life.

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    How to prepare for your virtual interview at Procter & Gamble?

    P&G’S INTERVIEWING PROCESS - WHY DO WE DO IT VIRTUALLY? Given the volatile and rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, we will remain focused on a stable and safe approach for all of our interviewers and candidates, and continue with virtual interviewing for the next few months. P&G places a huge importance on the well-being of our employees, and as always, employee safety is our first priority. INTERVIEW SCHEDULED – WHAT'S NEXT? Test your technical equipment in advance. We mainly use Microsoft Teams for our interviews, so you might want to test this application before your first interview if you aren't already familiar with it. Choose an environment for the interview where you won't be required to wear a mask. This can be at home or in a trusted environment where you will not be disturbed - we recommend choosing a quiet place and not a public coffee bar or noisy location for example. It is easier to understand you in a virtual interview when you're not wearing a mask. If a virtual interview is not feasible, please discuss this with your recruiting contact so you can come to an alternative solution. Explore our interview page to help you prepare for your interview. JUST BEFORE THE INTERVIEW – GETTING READY..... Book some time in your calendar before the interview to dial in. We recommend joining 10 minutes or so in advance to make sure you are ready when the interview starts, including testing that the audio is connected properly. Prepare your environment so that you cannot be disturbed on other channels, like the phone ringing or someone entering your room at home. Given the current situation, everyone may have unique circumstances working or studying from home, and our interviewers understand that. Don't worry if your cat tries to steal the show, or if we see kids running through the room! Microsoft Teams also offers the option to blur the background if you prefer – but interviewers will not judge the room setting in your interview. Make sure you can be properly seen. We recommend 1 arm-length between your face and the camera, and your camera should be ideally at eye-level. Check the light settings in your room, and do not sit with your back in front of a window as this will make it more difficult for the interviewer to see you, and establish a good personal connection. Dress code: comfortable and business casual. TIME FOR THE INTERVIEW – JUST STAY RELAXED AND ENJOY! Technical workarounds – what if the system crashes? Try to stay relaxed - we have conducted many virtual interviews, and usually everything runs smoothly from a technological point of view! At the beginning of the interview, your interviewer will suggest alternatives to be used in the unlikely event of any technical issues. There is a chat function in the tool in case audio does not work, or your interviewer will use your telephone number in case the internet connection drops. Let your interviewer know if you did not understand the question. We know that is sometimes more difficult to understand people in a virtual environment. Interviewers are aware of this, and will be happy to repeat or explain if anything was not clear. Last but not least: Use the time at the end of the interview to ask your questions. Your interviewer will be happy to give you further insights into your potential role or about P&G as employer. WE ARE REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOU!