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    On vous écoute! / We listen to you!

    Comment PwC Luxembourg met à l’honneur la voix de ses employés grâce à sa Global People Survey Comme chaque année, PwC Luxembourg lance sa Global People Survey, aussi appelée GPS. PwC est reconnue comme l’un des top employers au niveau mondial et ce, grâce à son pouvoir d’attraction et de rétention des meilleurs talents. Et si PwC bénéficie d’une telle réputation, c’est que l’avis de ses employés est mis à l’honneur et sert de ligne directrice à la construction de ses politiques. En effet, PwC Luxembourg s’engage à sonder ses employés avec sa Global People Survey, pour mieux comprendre leurs besoins et ainsi façonner un environnement de travail attractif où il fait bon travailler. Du 10 au 30 avril, les presque 4000 employés de PwC Luxembourg ont ainsi eu l’opportunité de participer à cette enquête. Pour ce faire, PwC Luxembourg n’a pas lésiné sur la convivialité. En effet, la GPS se fait en ligne, mais des petits déjeuners thématiques ont été organisés au sein de Crystal Park, le fameux Head Quarter du premier Big 4 à Luxembourg. Les employés ont ainsi pu échanger avec des interlocuteurs dédiés sur des sujets tels que les avantages sociaux, la diversité et l’inclusion, la flexibilité au travail, les opportunités de développement, le bien-être au travail, et les objectifs de la firme. Enfin, cette dernière GPS servira à mieux comprendre les répercussions des actions des années précédentes et à continuer à améliorer l’expérience des employés. ----------------------------------------------------- Listening to employees through surveys: How PwC Luxembourg empowers the voice of its people Each year, PwC Luxembourg launches its Global People Survey, also called GPS. PwC is recognized as one of the top employers worldwide, thanks to its power to attract and retain the best talents. And if PwC benefits from such a reputation, it is because the opinions of its employees are given pride of place and serve as guidelines in the construction of its policies. Indeed, PwC Luxembourg is committed to surveying its employees with its Global People Survey to better understand their needs and thus shape an attractive and good place to work. From April 10th to 30th, the almost 4,000 employees of PwC Luxembourg had the opportunity to participate in this survey. To do this, PwC Luxembourg has not skimped on friendliness. Although the GPS is done online, thematic breakfasts were organized within Crystal Park, the famous Head Quarter of the first Big 4 in Luxembourg. Employees were able to discuss with dedicated contacts on topics such as social benefits, diversity and inclusion, flexibility at work, development opportunities, well-being at work, and the firm's objectives. Eventually, this latest GPS will be used to better understand the repercussions of previous years' actions and to continue to design the best employee experience.

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    Ça PoP chez PwC ! / What’s PoPping at PwC ?

    Ça PoP chez PwC ! C’est le début d’une nouvelle année chez PwC Luxembourg et c‘est pour nous l’occasion de renouveler notre offre de PoP Clubs en envoyant une enquête à nos employés pour savoir quels nouveaux clubs ils souhaitent ouvrir ! Mais que sont les PoP clubs ? Il s’agit de clubs composés et gérés par nos employés, PoP signifiant People of PwC, pour promouvoir le sport et la culture dans notre entreprise. PwC Luxembourg dispose de nombreux PoP Clubs pour satisfaire les goûts de chacun, entre football, basketball, rugby, danse, badminton, golf, escalade, padel, squash, couture, randonnée, Do It Yourself, théâtre d’improvisation, œnologie, musique, échecs, etc. La liste est longue et il y a de quoi satisfaire tous les profils. Ces clubs sont l’occasion pour nos 3 700 employés de se rencontrer en toute convivialité tout en partageant (ou en découvrant) leurs passions ! Alors, quel PoP aimeriez-vous rejoindre ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What’s PoPping at PwC ? It’s the start of a new year at PwC Luxembourg and it’s an opportunity for us to renew our PoP Clubs offering by sending a survey to our employees to find out which new clubs they would like to open! But what are PoP clubs? These are clubs made up and managed by our employees, PoP meaning People of PwC, to promote sport and culture in our company. PwC Luxembourg has numerous PoP Clubs to satisfy everyone's tastes, between soccer, basketball, rugby, dance, badminton, golf, climbing, padel, squash, sewing, hiking, Do It Yourself, improvisation theater, oenology, music, chess, etc. The list is long and there will always be something to satisfy all kind of profiles. These clubs are an opportunity for our 3,700 employees to meet in a friendly atmosphere while sharing (or discovering) their passions! So, which PoP would you like to join?

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    ESG topic: all concerned, all responsible

    More than 80 alumni from the University of Maastricht joined us at Crystal Park, our headquarters. I was there in front of all those smiling faces, gathered around the same subject: ESG topic. Before sharing our respective experiences, we presented what PwC Luxembourg does. With complete transparency.  There's still a lot to be done, but our actions are real and have a big impact on society and the planet. "Sometimes you look at things as they are and wonder why. Sometimes, we look at them as they could be and say why not?" We do better. We do more. Individually. All together.

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    Dual-Study Program: your next chapter starts soon !

    Be ready to discover your next professional chapter on 31 October 2023 during the Inhouse Day dedicated to the Dual-Study Program! If you are interested about starting a dual-study program, and want to join your educational learning with professional experience, you are at the right place. We invited you to a one-day immersive experience at PwC Luxembourg to get the full information on our dual-study program... and to discover our amazing people! If you cannot wait any longer to get some information: click here If you already want to register for the Inhouse Day: click here We look forward to meet you!

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    Our friendly Communication Team seeks motivated intern !

    It's true that finding an internship is not always easy, but this time it can be !  If you like working on establishing effective communication strategy and designing new marketing campaigns... don't look further, we have THE right internship for you. Click here to discover our offers:  Internal Communication Trainee Marketing & Communication Trainee At PwC Luxembourg, we are not only active in financial services. We are also experts in Marketing & Communication and we are looking for our future interns. So if you're interested in the adventure, we would love having you joining our team, to give you an experience that could really take your career to the next level. To do this, let just apply and show us your brightest marketing-smile. See you soon in our offices! 

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    An onboarding experience above expectations

    "It was great" -  "thank you very much" - "I had a great day" -  "I can't wait for tomorrow". These are the kind of messages we get the day after our onboarding days. And it's so rewarding for us!  Over the last few months, a whole team has been working to make your experience as great as possible. Less information, more practice, meetings and games to get you up and running as quickly as possible. And more and more of you are joining us, so thank you! We like spending time with you...

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    Friendly internship seeks motivated intern

    It's true that finding an internship is not always a pleasure. But if you like Cloud, Data, AI, emerging technologies, cybersecurity look no further, we have THE right internship for you. Click here to discover our offers:  Technology Consulting Cloud Trainee   Technology Consulting Data & AI                               Technology Consulting Other internships At PwC Luxembourg, we are not only active in financial services. We are also experts in IT consulting and strategy and we are looking for our future interns. So if you're interested in the adventure, we'd like  to have you join our team soon, to give you an experience that could really take your career to the next level. To do this, nothing could be easier, just apply and show us your brightest tech smile. See you soon in our offices! 

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    Embrace equity, embrace diversity

    Today we celebrate the day in favour of the fight for equality between men and women. Struggle? Why does it still have to be a struggle? At PwC Luxembourg, we have been committed to this for years - in terms of salary packages and we are closely monitoring this - in terms of competences: a good profile is a profile with the right competences and that's it So if you are a girl who wants to work in IT, you are more than welcome If you are a girl who wants to do auditing, you are more than welcome If you want to do other jobs that are labelled for men, we'll be happy to help you find your place in those fields. You are not just a girl or a boy. You are you. You are unique. Tell your own story to the world and dream big. Because as a responsible company, we do and will always do everything we can to bridge the gender gap.   NB : We all know that sometimes, change takes time so we offered to all of our employees today some seeds to plant with the following message " Helping you grow with what you need".