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Embrace equity, embrace diversity

Today we celebrate the day in favour of the fight for equality between men and women.

Struggle? Why does it still have to be a struggle?

At PwC Luxembourg, we have been committed to this for years

- in terms of salary packages and we are closely monitoring this
- in terms of competences: a good profile is a profile with the right competences and that's it

So if you are a girl who wants to work in IT, you are more than welcome
If you are a girl who wants to do auditing, you are more than welcome
If you want to do other jobs that are labelled for men, we'll be happy to help you find your place in those fields.

You are not just a girl or a boy. You are you. You are unique. Tell your own story to the world and dream big.

Because as a responsible company, we do and will always do everything we can to bridge the gender gap.


NB : We all know that sometimes, change takes time so we offered to all of our employees today some seeds to plant with the following message " Helping you grow with what you need".