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Reddal is a new kind of a professional services company that challenges the more traditional management consulting houses with a unique BDaaS, business development as a service, business model. We offer our services globally across industries, addressing the most challenging business problems, from analysis and goal setting to implementation. Our business model is revolutionizing the cost structure of top management professional services, which enables us to build deep long-term relationships with our clients and support their growth across a joint journey. A core philosophy of our model is also open knowledge sharing towards our clients and not serving our clients' competitors. Alongside our clients' senior management and front-line staff, we work on issues ranging from strategy, M&A and business building to operational efficiency and financial turnarounds. Together as a team, our mission is to drive meaningful change in our clients’ organizations.

We are a value-driven company. Our values provide a solid framework to our company policies and guidelines. At Reddal, values are not just empty words one might hear during a company party speech – our chosen values are present at all times, guiding our everyday actions and behavior. Being an inclusive company, each Reddalian has room for a slightly different and personal interpretation of our values, but the core is something that we all are committed to and want to live up to.

In case you have any questions related to Reddal, or our recruiting process, feel free to approach us via email at [email protected].

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FAQ – JobTeaser asks the questions for you

  • What makes your company a great place to work for young talents?

    Experience and responsibility provided from day one, an international and flexible working environment, continuous learning and development opportunities, and a possibility to advance quickly. All this is supported by a strong community that shines together.

  • Is it possible to progress to a full-time position after an internship or apprenticeship?

    Yes, we often offer to continue working with us in a full-time permanent position after the successful completion of an internship. In our opinion, internships are a great way to explore whether one likes this kind of work.

  • Can students and recent graduates work remotely?

    At Reddal, we value close collaboration within our teams and with our clients. We believe that interpersonal direct interaction is important for building strong relationships. We also recognize the need for remote work and are flexible to accommodate this if the engagement allows.

  • Do you have any particularly busy recruitment periods throughout the year?

    We have more focused recruiting campaigns usually around the months of February, May and September. The application deadlines will be shown for each campaign separately. However, we also accept applications all year round so interested candidates don't need to wait for a campaign to start.

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Curious about life as a Business Analyst Intern at Reddal? Hear our interns of summer '23 reflect on their personal growth journey. Part 2.

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Curious about life as a Business Analyst Intern at Reddal? Hear our interns of summer '23 reflect on their personal growth journey. Part 1.

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    Credibility is cultivated by fairness • Courage is nourished by kindness • Creativity is multiplied by openness

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