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  • Company life

    Interns making an impact!

    Excited to see what our interns are up to in the Digital Hub? Check out this for more:

  • Recruitment

    Exciting time of the year for the Digital Hub!

    Dynamic Digital Hub Our diverse team is always open to initiatives and preserves curiosity. We're proud to announce one of our colleagues will share innovative techniques in SAP at a university event. Check it out via the link. Recently, our team has visited another university, see some pictures here of that event. Let it be informal discussion at career fairs or engaging presentations, we are there to connect with fellow future talents!  Innovation thrives here at the Digital Hub. Stay connected, stay informed. #SAPDigitalHub #SAP #Innovation #KnowledgeSharing #SAP #Career #SAPFutureTalent

  • Company life

    Intern Stories - Part 3: Read about Clara Goudals' experience at the Digital Hub in Barcelona, in her own words:

    "The SAP Hub offers a stimulating and inspiring international, intergenerational and dynamic environment. This environment, where "extra miles" is an omnipresent state of mind, pushes us to give the best of ourselves on a daily basis. The accessibility and willingness to share of each member of the SAP Hub gives everyone access to a wealth of knowledge, know-how and experience, ensuring rich development both professionally and personally."

  • Company life

    Intern Stories - Part 2: Read about Toon Jooris' experience at the Digital Hub in Barcelona as an SDA, in his own words:

    "At the digital hub in Barcelona you learn so much more than just your day to day job tasks. It's an amazing place to network with people from all work areas, learn to work and grow together in driven teams and to of course also enjoy the Spanish sun! SAP offers a lot of learning possibilities to either dive deeper into a certain topic or expand your knowledge about many different interests. It's perfect to kickstart your career!"

  • Company life

    SAP is a certified great place to work!

    SAP has received many awards for being an awesome place to work. In 2023, among many other awards, SAP achieved 5th in the Linkedin Top Companies Ranking in Spain. Also, we are recognized as one of the World's best workplaces. 

  • Company life

    Intern Impact - Part 1: Knowledge sharing session with Webhelp

    How interns make an impact at SAP - three current interns Larissa, Chiara and Lara share their experience (in their own words): "One of the best aspects of being an intern at SAP is that we get the opportunity to make our own voice heard and contribute our ideas!  Last week we met with Webhelp, a leading customer experience and business process outsourcing company, at their Barcelona Campus to exchange some valuable knowledge. At Webhelp, they shared some best practices on event organization and efficient group interview practices, as the we are currently working on projects related to these topics and wanted to gather some insights. It was a very valuable meeting and we got some new insights and a different perspective on our individual projects."

  • Company life

    Intern Stories - Part 1: Julia Schreider, Intern at the SAP Barcelona Experience Center

    Read about our current intern Julias experience as she is celebrating the halfway mark of her 6-month internship journey at SAP. Here are some of her initial key takeaways: "Theory in Practice - Studying communication science has been an eye-opening journey, delving into communication theories and developing communication strategies. Seeing how my academic background directly contributes to making a real impact at the SAP Experience Center Barcelona is incredibly fulfilling. The more I explore this field, the more I realize there's still a world of communication to learn from. Experience Abroad - Since moving to Barcelona in March, I've not only experienced the Catalan culture but also had the privilege of immersing myself in a diverse office environment. It's been an amazing experience learning about so many diverse cultures and connecting with colleagues from around the world. Each interaction has taught me invaluable lessons and broadened my horizons. Curiosity Fuels Growth - Throughout my internship, I've come to realize that curiosity is one of the most important attributes for personal and professional growth. Embracing a curious mindset has allowed me to continuously seek new challenges, explore innovative solutions, and expand my knowledge beyond my comfort zone."