Connecting brands & consumers through personalized experiences.

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Large company


Communication / Advertising


Copenhagen, Denmark

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We are a diverse team of 55 nationalities, passionate about helping brands connect with consumers through personalized experiences.  

As the world leader in Marketing Automation, Personalization, Loyalty, and CRM at scale, we partner with globally recognized brands across various industries. Our team spans 14 locations worldwide, enabling us to deliver innovative solutions that resonate with global audiences.  

Our mission is to humanize the experience between brands and consumers by providing mindful, data-driven personalized content across all channels. We help clients deliver scalable, efficient, and effective experiences that drive measurable business value by leveraging our marketing automation, personalization, loyalty, and CRM expertise.

Join us on our mission to transform the way brands and consumers connect. 

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  • International presence

    14 countries

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    32 years

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    Innovate fearlessly • Collaborate for impact • Deliver excellence • Celebrate differences