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Over 750 career services trust us to ensure the sovereignty of their students' personal data.
At JobTeaser, we are committed to being the gold standard in personal data protection. As the European leader of recruitment and young talent guidance, we are proud to offer the ideal solution for ensuring sovereignty, security, and confidentiality of our users' data.

The trusted platform for student data 

At JobTeaser, student data is in good hands. Our platform has been audited and certified as GDPR compliant by the internationally recognized certification body TÜV Saarland(Certificate No. TK44781), demonstrating our commitment to being the best in personal data protection.

A European solution for secure hosting

JobTeaser is a French company with all employees located within the European Union. We host your students' data within the European Union, ensuring the sovereignty of their personal data and its protection.

Our data is stored at AWS in Ireland, with encryption keys externalized at Thales, an independent and trusted European security provider (separate to AWS), ensuring optimal compliance and preventing access to data by US or other authorities. Our rigorous security practices and ongoing compliance with ISO27001 standards make us the ideal partner for protecting your students' data.

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Why does it matter?

Each country has its own laws and regulations regarding data protection. It is therefore important to verify the location of personal data as well as the laws applicable to the providers of the tools used to process personal data. This is to avoid data becoming vulnerable to security breaches or malicious uses

Martin Luther University

"Since the beginning of our partnership, there have been no incidents and we are pleased that JobTeaser takes care of data security and privacy as a cornerstone of its service."

Tino Schlögl

Career Center Director

"It is extremely important to us that the career platform is always GDPR compliant and constantly updated in this regard. That's why we appreciate JobTeaser's reliable service, which helps protect every student, the companies and us as a career center."

Prof. Dr. Oliver Schwaab

Vice Dean Faculty of Economics and Law

Jade Hochschule

"We have been using JobTeaser for 5 years now. We particularly value our long-standing partnership with JobTeaser because the platform explicitly addresses privacy and data security issues, while maintaining consistent compliance with the GDPR."

Maren Kaus

Career Services Director

Frankfurt School

"It is very important to us that our career platform is always GDPR compliant. That's why we highly value JobTeaser's service, which is constantly up to date on data protection."

Marlen Jähnert


Is JobTeaser GDPR compliant?

JobTeaser, a European platform, places personal data protection at the heart of its concerns.

JobTeaser has set up specific governance to ensure compliance with personal data regulations: a GDPR Committee composed of the company's governing bodies, the Data Protection Officer (DPO), and the Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO).

In 2022, JobTeaser obtained the TÜV Saarland GDPR compliance certification (Certificate No. TK44781).

How does JobTeaser ensure the security of processed data?

  • JobTeaser respects the principle of least privilege to grant access to processed data and relies on an access permission system.
  • JobTeaser encrypts all data at rest and in transit to ensure that it cannot be accessed by unwanted parties.
  • JobTeaser performs penetration testing and code reviews of its application to ensure that processed data remains secure.
  • JobTeaser tests its application with data leak tests performed by specialized ethical hackers.

How does JobTeaser guarantee the sovereignty of personal data?

  • JobTeaser is a French company and all of its employees are located in the European Union.
  • The personal data is hosted encrypted on Amazon Web Services in the European Union and encrypted with encryption keys managed by JobTeaser directly in a safe designed and protected by Thales, a European trusted third party.
  • Thus, access to the data is impossible for US authorities or any other third party.

How does JobTeaser ensure compliance following the Schrems II ruling of the CJEU on July 16, 2020, which invalidated the Privacy Shield?

In practice, since the invalidation of the Privacy Shield by the CJEU, not only is any transfer of personal data to the United States illegal if no supplementary measures are put in place, but using a company owned by an American parent company is illegal, even if the data is hosted in the European Union.

Thus, the CNIL asked higher education and research institutions in a decision of May 27, 2021, to switch from American collaborative tools used by their students to entirely European tools, in the following terms:

"American laws apply to data stored by US companies outside their territory. Therefore, there is a risk of access by US authorities to stored data."

"to date, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has not identified any additional measures that can ensure an adequate level of protection when a transfer is made to a cloud computing service provider or other subcontractors who, in the course of their services, need access to clear data or hold encryption keys, and who are subject to US laws"

JobTeaser is a French company with no employees located outside the European Union.

The data encryption solution hosted at AWS in Ireland, secured with a European trusted third party (Thales) completely independent of AWS, guarantees an optimal level of compliance and eliminates any risk of access by US authorities to student data. This technical solution of encryption key with a trusted European third party has been deemed compliant with the Schrems II jurisprudence by the  French Administrative Supreme Court in a decision of May 12, 2021.

Who is responsible for processing data on the platform?

Users are the sole owners of their personal data.

The JobTeaser platform allows three types of stakeholders to interact with each other:

  • Our partner higher education institutions, to whom we offer a recruitment and orientation platform (Career Center) integrated into their intranet, to support students in their professional integration efforts;
  • Our partner companies, to whom we provide a company space so that they can present their company and post offers for students and graduates, this content being multi-distributed to all Career Centers of partner institutions and on our public website;
  • Students and graduates, to whom we offer a platform to facilitate their professional integration through the various functionalities of the platform on which we offer dedicated content and on which students, schools, and recruiters can interact.

JobTeaser, as the publisher of the Career Center and in the context of its overall mission to support students and graduates in their orientation and professional integration, and the Partner institution, in the context of its public interest mission to support orientation and professional integration, are joint data controllers when they use the features of the Career Center and process personal data in the process.

Has JobTeaser conducted an impact assessment?

Yes, as part of its GDPR compliance, JobTeaser has conducted an impact assessment that is regularly updated.

How are users informed about how JobTeaser processes data?

Users are transparently informed about how JobTeaser processes their personal data in the terms of use and privacy policy, which are agreed to by our users upon registration.

For any questions, JobTeaser's Data Protection Officer (DPO) can be contacted at [email protected]

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