Human Resources Officer

Human resources officers are tasked with looking after a company’s workforce. They’re the main point of contact for employees and partially oversee quality management and production. They also have a more central corporate role when it comes to advising operational managers on their skills forecasts, depending on how the business is developing as a whole.

The life of a human resources officer...


HR officers have to define their company’s needs (alongside operational managers) in terms of recruitment drives. They typically oversee a number of practical processes, from sourcing candidates to carrying out interviews, as well as helping to select successful candidates.

Managing a workforce

The behaviour and concerns, triumphs and failings of a workforce are at the heart of an HR officer’s day. They’re required to assess staff via annual appraisals (solving any issues as they go), organise and hold interviews, as well as altering salaries, all the while continuing to reward successful staff (with the help of bonuses, promotions and positive feedback) and reprimand those who fall below the mark (via warnings, demotions and dismissals).

Leading employee representative bodies

This involves ensuring a constant dialogue between staff and company management, preparing meetings with employee representatives, works councils and health and safety committees, as well as dealing with those responsible for working conditions, safety and environment.


HR officers regularly hold coaching and training sessions to improve their employees’ skills and drive motivation in the workplace. This involves various stages, including defining training needs, introducing training programmes, monitoring them and reporting on outcomes.

Required skills

Empathy, psychology, well-organised, sociable, able to take the initiative, curious, able to persuade others, versatile, able to teach others, as well as excellent listening skills.

Typical educational background

  • Undergraduate studies in HR

  • 5 years of higher education, business studies, masters in HR

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