Logistics Manager

Logistics managers, also known as supply chain managers, are responsible for managing stock levels and how goods flow in and out of companies whilst respecting deadlines, reducing costs, optimising storage times and anticipating any problems from the moment goods are first acquired from suppliers until the moment they’re distributed - on time - on shelves in store.

The life of a logistics manager...

Overseeing purchasing

Logistics managers need to select suppliers, procure the necessary goods and ensure they’re properly routed to warehouses, purchasing any new handling equipment or storage facilities required, all the while ensuring the costs of all these operations are as low as can be.

Managing teams

Warehouses are real hives of activity... and logistics managers spend a great deal of time here at the coalface. They work in close collaboration with production teams and warehouse managers to orchestrate the work of delivery teams (as well as haulage companies).

Administering stock levels

Optimisation is a logistics manager’s favourite word. They need to ensure the time between suppliers delivering products and them being forwarded to customers and stores is as short as humanly possible, establishing a steady pace of operation in order to increase their company’s productivity levels. Productivity, reliability and responsiveness indicators need to meet or exceed targets set by company management and customers alike.

Expecting the unexpected

In addition to their core role, logistics managers may also be asked to draft strategic logistics reports to highlight trends that can be useful for solving problems and future planning. Indeed, expecting the unexpected is a key part of their daily lives, because they are usually the first port of call if anything goes wrong in the warehouse or in relation to deliveries.

Required skills

Candidates must be pragmatic, analytical and reactive with excellent relationship skills and a good level of English. Organisation is key.

Typical educational background

  • 2 to 5 years of higher education, logistics, business or engineering studies

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