Flow Manager


Supply chain managers stand at the crossroads between sales forecasts and factory production levels. They coordinate incoming flows (raw materials and semi-finished goods) and outgoing flows (finished products) by manipulating capacities, production levels and sales requirements. Their goal? Optimising yields and production costs. 

The scope of a supply chain manager’s work varies widely depending on the size of the company they work for. Managers work in a wide variety of major industrial sectors, including automotive, pharmacy, chemistry, agrifood, as well as for subcontractors in the transport and logistic industries. Covering a wide range of different bases, supply chain managers work alongside a large number of different company departments, including production, sales, sales administration, marketing, purchasing, logistics, finance, management... all the way through to networks of stores via distribution and suppliers.

Sectors: industry, agriculture, chemistry 

Monthly gross salary of a junior supply chain manager: €2,080 - €2,500

Synonyms: sales forecaster, flow manager, inventory and supply manager, logistical flow manager

The life of a supply chain manager... 

Planning production schedules
Anticipating the risk of breakdowns in supply chains and finding solutions in the event of any issues
Smoothing production volumes to avoid peaks and troughs in production 

Regular reporting on sales volumes
Integrating new product launches in production schedules

Required skills 

  • Excellent organisational skills

  • Confident working in a team and on lots of different projects at the same time

  • Competent in computer-assisted production management software packages

  • A head for figures and an analytical approach

  • Able to plan ahead 

Typical educational background

  • Engineering studies specialising in logistics

  • Business studies specialising in logistics management or international trade

  • Masters in logistics, purchasing, business negotiations or international trade 

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