Christian Dior Couture


Type d'entreprise

Grande entreprise


Luxe / Mode


30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris

Les équipes

Christian Dior Couture -- House of Dreams, House of Talents -- is proven to be an attractive employer with 87.8% of previous Interns and Apprentices claiming they would like to be hired by Dior in the future, with 85.7% affirming that they would recommend Dior to others for an internship / apprenticeship / VIE (Happy Trainee data, 2022).

“I have been with the House for almost a year and this experience has allowed me to challenge and surpass myself. The diversity of culture within the House is an opportunity to have beautiful encounters and share different points of views. Coordinating the openings of Men's Boutiques gave me confidence in my future career in the world of luxury. To #DreamInDior is to believe in my Dreams.“

-- Sheima Yaacoubi, Purchasing/Logistics & Visual Merchandising Assistant

“For me, #DreamInDior represents a wonderful opportunity to work within an iconic House that has been able to reinvent itself to become timeless by transcending generations for over 70 years. It is this meticulous environment that is so special. All the employees are inspired to give the best of themselves. We really feel like we are part of an adventure that goes beyond us and makes us very proud.“

-- Jules Gauyat, IT Communication Assistant

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    13 k