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Hvem er L'Oréal?

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Our Purpose: To create the beauty that moves the world

The desire for beauty is a powerful force that drives us forward. Beauty is more than just appearance. It gives us confidence in ourselves, in who we want to be, and in our relationships with others.

For more than a century, we have been practicing this unique profession: creator of beauty. Our goal is to offer everyone, everywhere in the world, the best of beauty in terms of quality, efficiency, safety and sincerity to satisfy all the needs and desires of beauty in their infinite diversity.

And as the leading beauty brand, we know that everything we do can have a significant impact. That's why we're taking action to:

  • Invent the future of beauty using the best of technology and science, inspired by nature.
  • Advance social innovation by offering our employees the best in working conditions, training and social protection.
  • Build an increasingly inclusive company that reflects the diversity of the consumers we serve.
  • Build lasting partnerships with our customers and suppliers, based on mutual trust and development.
  • Advocate and work for women’s empowerment everywhere and the development of the communities around us.
  • Protecting the beauty of the planet by fighting climate change, respecting biodiversity and preserving natural resources.

L'Oréal in a few figures...

  • 1st Cosmetics Group worldwide
  • 150 countries
  • 88,000 employees
  • 4 Divisions: Consumer Products, Professional Products, Active Cosmetics, Luxury
  • 39 International Brands
  • 27.99 Bn € in sales
  • + 62% growth in e-commerce sales
  • + 18.9% growth in Active Cosmetics Division sales
  • 964 million euros, or 3.4% of sales, invested in Research & Innovation
  • 497 patents filed each year
  • 23 Research Centers and 16 Evaluation Centers
  • 44 factories and 153 distribution centers worldwide
  • 500,000+ points of sale worldwide

... and some key facts:

  • L'Oréal ranked for the 4th time among the top companies in the Equileap ranking on gender equality.
  • For the 12th year, L'Oréal was recognized as one of the world's most ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute.
  • "L'Oréal for the Future," a program launched in 2020, with radically more ambitious goals for 2030 on climate, water, biodiversity and natural resources.
  • A 3A rating awarded to L'Oréal by the CDP for the fight against climate change, forest preservation and sustainable water management.

Hvordan er det at arbejde hos L'Oréal?

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