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BDO’s journey towards sustainability

Sustainability is an ever-increasing concept in the world and therefore also in the workplace. BDO Belgium is no exception. Together with many other companies, governments and individuals, BDO Belgium is striving for an ever greener society. 

BDO Belgium is trying to do its bit in the fight against high CO2 emissions and the ecological footprint of the Belgian. Various adjustments have already been made such as gradually changing from a fuel fleet to an electric fleet of company cars, solar panels on the company buildings and consciously managing the temperatures and lighting in the office spaces.

Plastic is greatly reduced on the shop floor thanks to water dispensers, as every employee can fill his drinking can with both flat and sparkling water.

In addition, BDO Belgium offers a high degree of flexibility. Teleworking is encouraged on the one hand to offer employees variation in their workplace and guarantee them a better work-life balance. On the other hand, this way BDO Belgium reduces the ecological footprint of its employees by reducing the number of trips by car and minimizing energy consumption in the office buildings.

The transition to a new and more sustainable development model is a structural challenge that we take on as a responsible company for ourselves, our clients and society. Since BDO Belgium believes in the phrase "walk your talk," some targets were set.

Some of these targets include:

  • 60% of employees to work from home at least 2 days a week
  • Have 1/3rd of meetings take place online
  • 100% operation on green energy
  • Achieve 80% less paper consumption through digitization
  • Create a company car fleet of which at least 45% is electric
  • Increase the number of drivers eco-driving by 25%
  • Improve the tire pressure of company vehicles by 30%

Did you know:

Better tire pressure reduces CO2 emissions. With less friction with the road surface, less tire grit will also come off and be left on the track. In this way, fuel consumption can also be greatly reduced.

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