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  • Recruitment

    Experience a New Challenge Abroad With a Cartier V.I.E.

    For over two decades, the V.I.E. program has been a gateway for European Economic Area citizens under 29 to join Cartier all over the world for a 1 to 2-year international mission. The Maison has onboarded nearly 400 V.I.E. talents and helped pave the way towards unique and dynamic careers. Go further on our program’s webpage and discover the testimonials from Michael, Philippine, and Etienne, on how these impactful experiences shaped their career. Explore our V.I.E. openings and apply now:

  • Recruitment

    Cartier at the X-Forum: Spotlight on Our Engineering Opportunities

    Discover a world of rich, multi-expertise engineering experiences at Cartier! Our engineers go beyond the manufacturing floor and supply chain teams, they are at the heart of each layers of our data-driven organization. Recently, Cartier took part in the X-Forum in Paris, a gathering of 2000 engineering students, where we had amazing interactions with curious minds, students from various backgrounds, and other industry leaders. This event was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect and source talent for our Engineering Talents Day and our Engineering Graduate Program in France, Italy and Switzerland. Are you ready to embark on your next adventure with us? Explore our current job openings and internships on our Careers website. Register here to know more about our Engineering Graduate Program.  #WeAreCartier #EngineeringOpportunities #JoinOurTeam

  • Meeting

    One Day With Cartier at the EHL

    On Wednesday, the EHL school campus in Lausanne, Switzerland, proudly embraced our Cartier colors as we came together to celebrate 'One Day With Cartier.' A remarkable turnout of 280 enthusiastic EHL students attended this memorable event. We kicked off their morning with a presentation of the luxury industry and the Cartier maison. A lunch was organised with Cartier alumni and experts, immersing themselves in invaluable insights. In the afternoon, the campus buzzed with energy during the engaging job forum, where Cartier people shared their wisdom and guidance with the students. The primary goal was to foster meaningful connections between the students and the Cartier community. We were genuinely impressed by the level of interaction with the students. Their reflections on the core values of customer centricity, meticulous attention to detail, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, which align closely with our own principles, left a lasting impression. We hope that this day has enriched the students' educational journey as they aspire to become future leaders in the hospitality industry. It has also served as a wellspring of inspiration for our Cartier people. We eagerly look forward to reuniting with these talented students in just a month's time for their Career’s Forum. #OneDayWithCartier #Education #Inspiration #WeAreCartier

  • Recruitment

    Engineer Talents Day

    Vous recherchez un stage ingénieur de 6 mois à partir de 2024 et rêvez de découvrir une industrie en pleine croissance où l’excellence et le savoir-faire se mêlent à l’innovation? Vous êtes mobile en France, Suisse ou Italie et vous souhaitez faire partie de nos talents de demain? Venez rencontrer les experts Cartier lors du Engineer Talents Day le mardi 17 octobre 2023 et découvrez les coulisses de la fabrication horlogère et joaillière au cours d’une journée 100% digitale et immersive. Pour participer à cette journée de recrutement, postulez dès maintenant à nos offres de stage en ligne:

  • Recruitment

    Discover the ASPIRE Retail Management Program

    At Cartier, we are shaping the future of luxury retail. The ASPIRE Retail Management program was launched in 2022 to recruit the luxury retail leaders of tomorrow. “Our ASPIRE Program will give you every opportunity to develop your leadership potential and to succeed in a fulfilling career at Cartier,” says Béatrice Wenzel-Lux-Krönig, SVP Chief Human Resources Officer, who co-sponsors the program with Renaud Litré, SVP Chief Commercial Officer. Last month in Paris we gathered all 13 Aspirers currently engaged in this 2-year rotational program all around the world, immersing them in our culture and heritage, and diverse business topics to develop their retail management skills. Upon completion of their ASPIRE journey, they will be ready for their first managerial position in one of our boutiques, embarking on a career of discovery at the Maison Cartier. Join Cartier and unleash your retail management potential with ASPIRE. #Cartier #Retail #WeAreCartier

  • Meeting

    Exciting Roundtable Discussion on Digitalization and Craftsmanship in Luxury!

    At Cartier, we value the preservation of craftsmanship while embracing digital possibilities. Discover the highlights of our engaging round-table, where we explored the dynamic relationship between digitalization, innovation, and craftsmanship. Representatives from Instituto Marangoni and the Maisons Cartier and Chloé, celebrated the fusion of art, technology and diverse metiers. We discussed how digital tools enhance traditional craftsmanship, pushing the boundaries of design, production, and customer experiences. Our partnerships with educational institutions drive innovation and adaptability in the industry, ensuring the next generation has the skills to thrive in this evolving landscape. Together, we shape the future of Cartier with reverence for the past and a passion for innovation.