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    ONE DAY FOR MARKETING & INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT JEUDI 21 MARS 2024   Plongez au cœur d’une expérience de recrutement hors du commun avec ONE DAY, notre tout nouveau processus de recrutement en présentiel pour les apprentissages en Marketing et Développement Industriel à partir de septembre 2024 !  Réservez dès maintenant votre journée du jeudi 21 mars, car vous êtes sur le point de vivre une aventure immersive au cœur de notre bâtiment emblématique : Le Visionnaire. Imaginez-vous : une matinée inspirante où vous explorerez l'univers captivant du Groupe L'Oréal, en découvrant nos marques et les opportunités de carrière passionnantes qui s'offrent à vous. Vous aurez l'occasion privilégiée d'échanger avec nos Chefs de Produit de nos quatre divisions, pour vous plonger dans leur quotidien et comprendre ce que cela signifie de travailler avec nous. Mais ce n'est pas tout ! Préparez-vous à une après-midi d'entretiens individuels avec nos managers, qui sont à la recherche de leurs futurs talents. C'est votre chance de mettre en avant vos compétences, votre passion et votre potentiel. Nous avons des dizaines d’opportunités à pourvoir au sein de nos quatre divisions (Consumer Products Division, Professional Products Division, L’Oréal Dermatological Beauty, L’Oréal Luxe) pour les métiers du : Marketing Développement, Marketing Opérationnel, Marketing Zone, Retail Marketing, Développement Industriel. Alors, si tu es disponible le 21 mars pour venir à Paris dans nos locaux, que tu es étudiant en Master à la recherche de ton futur contrat d’apprentissage et que tu maîtrises le français et l’anglais….   Voici notre processus de recrutement : Postulez dès maintenant pour cette offre. Si vous êtes présélectionné.e, vous serez invité.e à participer à un entretien individuel de 30 minutes. Si vous réussissez l'entretien, vous serez convié.e à la journée ONE DAY qui se déroulera le jeudi 21 mars au Visionnaire (Paris 8è). Tous les détails supplémentaires vous seront communiqués lors de l'événement.

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    L'OREAL DUOS: Episode 3 - Our managers and apprentices answer our questions!

    What's daily life like for our managers and their apprentices? From team spirit to after-work parties, being a manager at L'Oréal is all about achieving your goals and celebrating your successes. If you too would like to join the L'Oréal adventure on an internship or work-study program, go to: http://spr.ly/6048MxP3y

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    L'OREAL DUOS: Episode 2 - Our managers and apprentices answer our questions!

    Diversity, inclusion and the environment - these are just some of the values that speak most to our managers and their apprentices! In this episode, meet Tiago and Arthur in Marketing at L'Oréal Men Expert, and Marvin and Franck in E- Commerce at L'Oréal Dermatological Beauty. To join the L'Oréal adventure on an internship or work-study program, click here: http://spr.ly/6041MUmgt

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    L'OREAL DUOS: Episode 1 - Our managers and apprentices answer our questions!

    What's it like to have a manager at L'Oréal? To find out, we put the question directly to some of the Group's managers and apprentices. Find out their answers in our new mini-series: L'Oréal Duos! To join the L'Oréal adventure as an intern or work-study student, click here: https://careers.loreal.com/fr_FR/content/HOME

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    From Internship to Diversity Equity & Inclusion Project Manager. Discover Prune Houvion's Career Path!

    Who are you? And where do you come from? Hello! My name is Prune Houvion and I am turning 25 this year. I was born and raised in Nanterre, a town next to Paris and because I was passionate about languages, I chose to do a French-German curriculum for most of my middle-school and high-school years. I studied Public Affairs, Economics, and International Law at Sciences Po Paris, which allowed me to go to the US for a (life-changing) year, where I had Gender Studies and Mathematics classes. In between my 2 years of Master, I did internships at the CNRS and the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, and then I joined L’Oréal for an apprenticeship in August 2021, in the French DE&I team. Since September 2022, I have been in charge of Employee Engagement, External Communication, and Public Affairs for DE&I topics in France. How did you discover L'Oréal? Of course, like everyone, I have been using L’Oréal products since I was a child – my mom always ensured we had a Mixa Cream on our beauty shelves! But in terms of even thinking that I could work at L’Oréal and then apply for an apprenticeship, I like to say that it was an encounter that was “meant to be”. Indeed, I never imagined myself working for a big company: I studied Public Affairs and wanted to get involved in a public structure or work for an NGO. However, I had a couple of friends who were interns or apprentices at L’Oréal and who told me how great the DE&I initiatives were and how involved the teams were. It took some convincing, but I finally decided that I should “go see for myself” and… I was not disappointed! What is your favorite part of your job?  The fact that it is always a “work-in-progress” job. What I mean is that the work to become ever more inclusive is never finished. There is always a way go to further, always new people to learn from, and new projects to put in place. You always have the incentive to do better and more – which makes it humbling and exciting at the same time! What surprised you when you arrived at L'Oréal? What surprised me is how agile L’Oréal is, even though it is such a big company. “Impossible” is not a L’Oréal word: when there is willingness and energy, nothing is TOO big or TOO complicated. Your missions in a few words?  My mission is to make L’Oréal the most inclusive workplace possible. In my team, we work to make sure that every L’Oréal employee in France is included and valued regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, origin, or disability. On a daily basis, this means organizing events, creating content, and reaching out to external experts (whether institutions, other companies, or NGOs) to raise awareness on DE&I topics and break stereotypes and taboos. A lesson you learned at L'Oréal? I learned that the effort you make to go out of your comfort zone is worth it! Once you find the courage to reach out and speak to people that you do not know, beautiful things might happen, both professionally and personally. Don’t overthink it like I did (and still do a lot of times!). You are not bothering people when you ask to get a coffee with them!

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    From Apprenticeship to Talent Acquisition Manager at L'Oréal. Discover Antoine Gleron's career path

    From intern to Talent Acquisition Manager at L'Oréal. Discover Antoine Gleron's career path Who are you? And where do you come from? My name is Antoine Gleron, I am a Talent Acquisition Manager for the Digital, Communication, and Corporate Responsibility professions. I am from Brittany and spent almost all my life and studies in Brittany. My academic career was in the IAE ecosystem, a very rich network that allowed me to get to know 3 different schools (Nice, Rennes, and Paris). I built my HR career with different experiences, in completely different industries: - In the French Navy as military personnel for 1 year. - In a scale-up company called Klaxoon. - In one of the leaders of the video game industry, Ubisoft. And finally at L'Oréal, a group that I was able to join during my last year of study in M2. How did you discover L'Oréal? To be honest, from my former colleagues at Ubisoft and via Job Teaser. I had heard good things from everyone, especially about the HR position at L'Oréal, so I didn't hesitate to apply. What is your favorite part of your job?  I love being the “pivot” between the manager and the candidate and trying to meet each of their expectations. This leads to conversations with a hugely diverse range of people, which I love. What surprised you when you arrived at L'Oréal? Two things surprised me at L’Oréal. The first was the size of the group with a huge range of variety at the level of the brands. The second surprise was the international orientation of the group. The diversity in the employees is incredible, we find people from all over the world here in Paris. Your missions in a few words ?  Recruiting the best talent for our internships, apprentices, and junior opportunities in Digital, Communications, and Corporate Responsibility. A lesson you learned at L'Oréal? It is very important to be curious, the diversity of our brands makes the possibilities almost infinite, so you must be curious to be able to innovate in different markets! Any advice for future interns your industry?  Curiosity, of course, but above all the desire to show that you are capable of taking initiative, of executing on this initiative, and of assuming the responsibility that accompanies your actions! Discover our offers : https://careers.loreal.com/fr_FR/content/HOME

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    From Internship to Digital Marketing VIE at L'Oréal New York. Discover Agathe Gaillard's Career Path!

    From Internship to Digital Marketing VIE at L'Oréal's New York Office. Discover Agathe Gaillard's Career Path! Who are you? And where do you come from? My name is Agathe, and I was born and raised near Paris. I studied in a French Business School in Lille and after 5 years of courses and a gap year, I graduated in Marketing (Master’s degree). After my gap year I did my end of study internship at L’Oréal France as an e-commerce & CRM project manager for the brands Biotherm and IT Cosmetics. Now, I am still in the luxury division of the group but working at L’Oréal DMI* of IT Cosmetics as Digital Platforms & services coordinator in the New York office on a VIE* contract. *VIE = Volontariat International en Entreprise *DMI = Division Marketing International  How did you discover L'Oréal? I've known L’Oréal forever! Like many French people, I feel that L'Oreal products have accompanied me throughout my life. From baby products and shampoo, to makeup that I dreamed of when I was younger, and now the moisturizers and anti-aging creams that I'm already starting to use! Beyond the products, it’s the slogans, the ads, the L’Oréal “égéries”* that have always fascinated me and it’s partly the marketing of the brand studied during my Master degree that made me want to be part of the group. *Muse or face of a brand What is your favorite part of your job?  What I prefer is that I am in a pivotal position. I am constantly invited to discuss and debate with other people and teams. I really need this strong link with the creative, product marketing, and education teams to be able to take care of the brand's website. What surprised you when you arrived at L'Oréal? I was surprised by the diversity of my missions and by the responsibilities that were given to me. I was very quickly integrated into my team and was straight away give very impactful missions, both operational and strategic for the brands. This integration was also possible thanks to the coffee chats that I had taken the time to have at the very beginning of my internship. This is the second thing that surprised me the most: intra and inter team human relations are so important that even as interns we had the opportunity to meet people of all hierarchical levels, all professions, and all divisions. Diversity, inclusion and communication are important pillars at L’Oréal, and I felt it since I began working in the group! Your missions in a few words?  I am currently in charge of coordinating digital and services platforms on IT Cosmetics e-commerce sites around the world. At the DMI, we have strategic missions that imply the brand globally. In my digital team, we deliver assets, website animations, new features, product launches and online services to countries to make life easier for e-commerce websites. We also take care of our image on retailer websites. A lesson you learned at L'Oréal? Joining L’Oréal is both a professional and personal experience! My internship and now my VIE have helped me gain self-confidence, present my ideas and projects, discover new ways of thinking and working thanks to the people I have had the chance to meet and experiences I have had the chance to live. Any advice for future interns in your industry?  Be yourself, dare to give your opinion, suggest new things, trust your manager and his/her feedback, and meet as many people as possible because each l'Oréalien has something to teach you!

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    BRANDSTOM 2023 - Crack the New Codes of Beauty

    THE MOST DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION COMPETITION IS COMING TO DRIVE YOUR CAREER This year, Brandstorm challenges students to crack the new codes of beauty in a completely new playground which includes: VR, AR, AI, Gaming, the Metaverse and NFT's You will have unlimited freedom to reinvent consumer engagement, create virtual experiences and celebrate new self-expression all while maintaining a sustainable and inclusive design.  Brandstorm is a global innovation competition open to 18-30 yr olds. Participants in the contest will have a full learning path on Trailhead from Salesforce and also receive a EOCCS certification from L'Oréal confirming the participation in the contest. You'll also have the opportunity to be mentored by L'Oréal experts, stay in touch with recruiters and win intrapreneurship assignment. PLAY TODAY, SHAPE YOUR TOMORROW! Be coached by L'Oréal experts on how to go beyond with your innovation Get certified with Brandstorm and add it to your CV Be a part of an international experience and challenge yourself with a real L’Oréal business case Get chance to go on a 3 month paid Intrapreneurship mission at L’Oréal’s Headquarters (all expenses covered) For the 30th anniversary in 2022, Brandstorm had 83,000 registrants . Totally focused on digital, we gave the students the opportunity to challenge the group towards more technological and disruptive themes, to reflect L'Oréal's ambition to become a BeautyTech Company. Unfortunately, this year's competition has come to an end. Keep an eye out on L'Oréal's Linkedin HERE to sign up for next year's competition.