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From the first sketches and prototypes, all the way to rigorous quality testing and patents, this function offers a strong pipeline of innovation to deliver superior quality products and raise the standard of excellence across the industry. As the force behind our incredible products, our team of hands-on innovators are highly talented in their areas of expertise.


Our unique business model and relentless pursuit of operational excellence ensures that consumers everywhere have access to products. Balancing speed, efficiency and proximity, the Company manages a global supply chain with cutting-edge technology, based on centralization for frames and on a capillary network for lens finishing and prescription laboratories. Greasing the wheels behind the scenes, our people in Operations are the backbone of our Company.


From Human Resources to Information Technologies, Finance, M&A, CSR, and Legal, our support functions staff embody the caring outlook of a reliable business partner. Their role is to assist, accompany and enable others within the EL collective to achieve their targets. They are all about keeping people and projects running smoothly, ensuring every part of our business is provided for and well taken care of.


EssilorLuxottica has a portfolio of more than 150 renowned brands spanning various categories, from frames, lenses and instruments to brick and mortar and digital distribution as well as mid-range to premium segments. The Brands teams are proud of the cutting-edge products we offer and take great satisfaction in defining their rollout strategy and producing dynamic and creative marketing campaigns that capture the attention of customers all over the world.


With a unique global network of commercial subsidiaries and independent distributors across major markets, our customers are offered a strong portfolio of the most popular lens, frames, instruments and equipment brands that can serve every sector of the market. The wholesale team works with our customers one-on-one, developing professional relationships based on trust and care.


Our E-commerce team is the Company’s centre of Digital Excellence. They are responsible for offering consumers around the globe a unique and ongoing experience consistent across all digital touchpoints. They create incredible brand, marketing, communication, and transaction platforms implemented across the entire world.


With a strong portfolio of retail brands, EssilorLuxottica is well positioned to serve the most sophisticated consumers with the latest designer and high-performance frames, advanced lens technologies, innovative eyecare, everyday value and high-quality vision care health benefits. Everything is possible thanks to the passionate teams who assist our customers on a daily basis in finding unique solutions that suit their needs.

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