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    Introducing the LVMH SPRING Human Resources Graduate Program

    Do you want to become one of our future HR leaders?  Are you passionate about people and business transformation?  Are you ambitious and creative with an entrepreuneurial mindset?  Introducing the LVMH SPRING Human Resources Graduate Program  The LVMH SPRING Graduate Program series is back with a new edition dedicated to the Human Resources function. This is a unique opportunity to be exposed to and thrive in our dynamic HR function, and prepare for a fulfilling and purposeful career as a future HR leader at LVMH.   Discover SPRING HR  Joining the LVMH SPRING HR Graduate Program means becoming a member of the world leader in the luxury industry, consisting of 6 business sectors, 75+ Maisons and over 196,000 talents in 81 countries. Serving as the launching pad to your future career within LVMH, SPRING Graduate Programs offer you a unique exposure and an enriching immersion into our diverse ecosystem. Our goal is to empower you with what it takes to kickstart your career and craft your future at LVMH. The program comprises of 3 rotations, with each mission lasting 8 months over the course of 2 years at Group level and in several Maisons. Your journey will be structured based on a development path best suited for your own personal strengths and growth potential. Requiring no prior HR experience, this program aims to identify talents with a strong leadership potential, a passion for people and business transformation, and the ability to demonstrate that they are a true fit for the luxury industry. Throughout the course of the program, you will be empowered to develop your fundamental HR skills, cultivate a business mindset, and grow your leadership potential. Additionally, you will gain from a customised and accelerated career development path, benefit from senior leader mentorship and be exposed to endless opportunities to expand your professional network. Our ambition is to equip you with the necessary resources and cultivate the expertise needed to thrive in your final landing key HR position at one of our Maisons or within the Group at the end of the program. Bloom, Grow, Thrive with LVMH  At LVMH, we invest in your future. All along your SPRING HR journey, you will receive invaluable support every step of the way. Every SPRING participant will get assigned a senior Mentor accompanying them throughout the journey. The mentorship will enable you to gain an informed understanding of the culture of the Group and its Maisons, evolve successfully through our ecosystem, and design a personalised career path best suited for your future HR career at LVMH. Additionally, an HR representative and an experienced Manager will closely follow your progress over the course of each mission. You will also have at your disposal a dedicated SPRING team ensuring a best-in-class experience throughout the course of the program. Application Process Once you register, you will go through a multi-stage application process: Online application Online assessment Video interviews An assessment center in Paris (in-person session, scheduled for June 1st - 2nd, 2023) How to Apply  Registration for the SPRING Human Resources Graduate Program has closed. Stay tuned on INSIDE LVMH for future updates on the upcoming editions of the graduate program!  Once registered, you will go through a multi-stage application process: Online application Online assessment Video interviews An assessment center in Paris (in-person session, scheduled for June 1st - 2nd, 2023) Let's craft the future together!

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    The extraordinary life of Bulgari’s founder Sotirio Bulgari

    From a silversmith to the Jewelry Maestro, Sotirio Bulgari wrote his own destiny and paved the way for Bulgari’s remarkable journey towards the pinnacle of craftsmanship and high jewelry creations.   Did you know about…   Sotirio Bulgari’s early life? Sotirio Bulgari, whose original name was Sotirios Boulgaris, was born in 1857 in Paramythia, a small Greek town in the coastal region of northwestern Greece and southern Albania, known for the creations of its silversmiths. Since his early youth, Sotirio proved to be lively and ambitious, showing a visionary artistic flair as well as an inquisitive mind. He never forgot the craft skills his father imparted. Some of the artifacts they created in those early years still survive in the Bulgari family’s collection to this day.   Sotirio Bulgari’s strategic choice to settle in Rome? As war raged throughout his country, from 1873 Sotirio and his father traveled between Greece and Albania to sell their creations without stopping in the same place for more than a month. In 1877, they settled on the island of Corfu where they opened a shop. Full of talent and ambition, Sotirio soon had his heart set on new horizons and when the opportunity arose, he set sail for Italy. Despite ups and downs, he found his fortune in Rome and somewhere he finally belonged.  “I arrived in Rome when I was 24 with only 80 cents in my pocket and a dream” Sotirio Bulgari’s entrepreneurial mindset? Thanks to his passion, business vision, and client understanding, Sotirio Bulgari opened his first store in 1884 in Rome, and in 1905 he moved to what would become the most iconic address in Bulgari’s history: 10, Via dei Condotti. This shop was the cornerstone that allowed Sotirio to create his empire stone by stone, dream by dream and piece of art by piece of art. The Bulgari name became known for its fine jewelry and opulent creations and with this reputation came more shops, as Sotirio ventured into Sanremo, Naples, Bellagio and Sorrento. It was Rome that gave him the chance to achieve his life’s dream, and Italy remains the constant and ever-present inspiration behind Bulgari. Now, and always.    Sotirio Bulgari’s legacy? Sotirio Bulgari embodies grounded values, incredible talent and inspiring actions. Keeping alive his creative, ethical and entrepreneurial legacy, Bulgari’s teams are as driven as he was by searching for timeless beauty and meaning in everything they do. Fueled by the same powerful will to innovate and to rewrite the rules of the jewelry universe, Bulgari continuously draws inspiration from his insatiable curiosity and great crafting gift, nowadays reflected in the Roman Maison’s joy and passion in crafting and glorifying nature. Sotirio is Bulgari’s Maestro. If you wish to discover more métier stories and immerse yourself into the world of LVMH, sign up to the INSIDE LVMH platform, your new digital meet-up with LVMH:

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    Dive into the role of a Production Engineer

    Join Camille, a Production Engineer at Guerlain's La Ruche Production Site in Chartres, as she discusses how she works with production teams to ensure performance and product quality while focusing on sustainable development. If you wish to discover more métier stories and immerse yourself into the world of LVMH, sign up to the INSIDE LVMH platform, your new digital meet-up with LVMH:

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    Join SPRING, the LVMH Graduate Program to grow your full potential!

    The LVMH Graduate Program, SPRING, gives you unique exposure and immersion into our diverse ecosystem. The program aims at developing your talent and your leadership potential to give you what it takes to become one of tomorrow's leaders of the LVMH group! ABOUT THE PROGRAM  What is a typical SPRING journey like?  Starting from September 2022, SPRING will last 3 years, during which you will be given the chance to be fully integrated and discover the everyday life of 3 Maisons by working on 3 different missions of 10 months each. At the end of each mission, you will come together for the 'Summer Boosts', to be exposed to a set of various experiences such as international business challenges, leadership training… However, there is no 'typical' journey as each graduate has the chance to choose his/her missions. What are the different jobs you can discover with this graduate program? Our ambition is to give you the chance to experience our different key functions: two missions should be chosen among Retail & Sales, Marketing & Communications, Supply Chain & Operations. One of these missions should be a Strategic one.   How will the missions and Maisons be assigned to graduates?  We will want you to take ownership of your career, thus you will be able to choose your missions ‘à la carte’, after the contract signature in June. All along your SPRING journey, you can count on a senior Mentor, a dedicated SPRING Team, and a strong HR Community to help you make the best career choices. What type of contract do you offer for this program?  Those selected for SPRING will be offered a full-time permanent contract starting from September 2022. Your landing job after the 3 years program is not predefined.   ABOUT THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS Can I apply as I still have to do one internship, the graduation one, and so I'll be officially graduating by January 2023? Unfortunately, not. We only accept candidates who will be able to start full-time in September 2022. We do have plenty of Job opportunities amongst our Maisons that will best suit this timing. You can also stay tuned to our next Spring edition! Is it possible to apply even if you haven't worked as an intern in this company before? Absolutely! You do not need to have previous experience within the LVMH Group, nor within the luxury industry to be able to apply for SPRING. We welcome candidates from a diverse variety of backgrounds. How do we apply? You will be able to apply to the program by filling in a questionnaire, to be found on the LVMH Graduate Program page on the website before March 13th. ABOUT CAREER DEVELOPMENT  What development activities are proposed during the program? As part of the program, you will participate in an onboarding week, receive regular coaching, learning and development activities, as well as leadership training. As part of the program, you will participate in an onboarding week, receive regular coaching, learning and development activities including leadership training, international exposure, the discovery of our métiers and the value chain. Spring‘s motto is “Bloom, Grow, Thrive”: that says it all! What are the opportunities after the graduate program?  The objective of the program is to develop those who will be our leaders of tomorrow. After the 3 years, you will land into a managerial position, either within a Maison you had a mission at, or another one. Even after the program, you will be followed to make sure you grow and develop into a leadership position. APPLY to SPRING 

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    Dive into the typical day of a Retail Merchandiser

    Get the lowdown from Sarah, Loro Piana’s Worldwide Retail Merchandiser, as she discusses what her job entails and looks at the importance of asking questions and having confidence in yourself. If you wish to discover more métier stories and immerse yourself into the world of LVMH, sign up to the INSIDE LVMH platform, your new digital meet-up with LVMH:

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    Learn more about Merchandising at FRED

    For Pauline Baltz, Merchandising is very crucial to optimize business opportunities and performance. First, please tell us: what is merchandising? Generally speaking, merchandising means optimising product stocks in order to maximise sales: putting the right product in the right place at the right time at the right price and in the right quantity; and providing the right information to clients in the right way. In my position as part of the FRED marketing team, merchandising ranges from forecasting sales for each collection and type, to defining a selection adapted to each store, to aligning them with the brand strategy in an effort to increase sales and reach the targeted sales mix. It also includes ensuring a relevant product selection to be promoted through 360 programs in order to reach or surpass the forecasts, and analysing sales performances. For example, after analysing the sales and stocks and discussing them with the sales operations and market teams, I suggested a selection of Bridal boutiques and clusters with a view to adapting the carat offer to the performance and potential of each cluster. The aim was to optimise business opportunities and increase sales. How would you describe your workday? Exciting! It is also diverse: from meetings and discussions with various people (group marketing managers, commercial operation teams, financial advisers, market managers, and so on), to determining an action plan proposal to improve performance, to performing a simulation on Excel. What is the most challenging part of your job? Remaining flexible and quickly adapting to developments, especially in the context of COVID. When I forecast results, I have to consider the impact of changes in the global economic context. What projects are you currently working on? I am currently establishing a Middle & High Jewellery rotation calendar. To do so, I am interviewing executives from every market to understand their needs and propose the best product rotation scenario taking into account shipping times. What book represents your approach? « A la verticale de soi » by Stéphanie Bodet, the autobiography of a French Mountain climber who is always up to the next challenge! If you wish to discover more expertise like Pauline's, and immerse yourself into the world of LVMH, sign up to the INSIDE LVMH platform, your new digital meet-up with LVMH:

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    A retail career journey at Louis Vuitton

    Susanne did not have a career in retail on her radar, yet she has loved it since joining Vienna’s Louis Vuitton store 9 years ago. Here she shares her path into retail.  Susanne, What has your career journey been like with Louis Vuitton so far? I joined Louis Vuitton nearly 9 years ago as a Saturday Client Advisor, here in the Vienna store, during the final year of my studies. I didn’t have a career in Retail on my radar but I loved it from day one and became Manager in Training a few months later. A week after being promoted to Team Manager, I was offered a temporary opportunity in Head Office as a Retail Performance Manager and ended up staying. After nearly 2 years, I accepted a mobility and joined the London Selfridges store firstly as a Team Manager, becoming Universe Manager and Deputy Store Director. Following four years in London I moved back to Vienna as a Store Director last year.   You have had a very broad experience. What have you enjoyed the most so far? I love being in store. You can have a really direct impact on the business with your team. My favorite role so far is the one I’m doing right now and it's also a full circle moment for me: coming back as Store Director where I first started. What have been the main challenges in your career? Many of the people who trained me when I started as a Client Advisor are still on the team. One of my challenges has been to gain credibility and be a worthy leader. The only way is to work hard so that your team sees that they are your number one priority, not you. What's the best piece of advice that somebody has given you in your career? The most important piece of advice I’ve been given is to fight for things in a way that makes others want to join you. Fairness, integrity and commitment are super important values of mine, and they also mean that I can get carried away quite quickly. I’ve had to learn not to act so much in the moment and to be more diplomatic, taking a more indirect route to ultimately get more people on board with an idea. But that doesn’t mean that I sometimes don’t still find the occasional fight when it's something I feel about strongly! And what advice would you give to others? Firstly, that the people you lead are more important than you. It’s your job to make them grow and shine, not yourself. You have to build the strongest possible team, everything else will follow.  My second piece of advice is when navigating your career, be flexible but don't jump at every opportunity immediately: take the time to make sure that it feels right for you. Whilst others may think you should do things differently, my main motivation has always been to do a job I love, not necessarily to reach a certain position. Ultimately listening to your gut is the best way to create a career that makes you happy, the rest can just be a nice by-product.  Lastly, I think it’s invaluable to have a few select people you trust whom you can reach out to for advice, bounce ideas around with or sometimes just share your frustrations. How do you recharge your batteries in a fast-paced environment? I’m well aware that what I’m about to say sounds like a cliché: I genuinely love what I do and it doesn’t feel like something that I need to find a balance from. I’m pretty good at switching off when I have to but I don’t feel the need to very often. I’m pretty introverted, so after a long day, I like to take it easy. I love to cook, have friends over for dinner, paint or do some yoga. If you wish to discover other career stories like Susanne's, and more inspiring content to help you kick start your career, discover the INSIDE LVMMH platform, your new digital meet-up with LVMH: