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Join SPRING, the LVMH Graduate Program to grow your full potential!

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The LVMH Graduate Program, SPRING, gives you unique exposure and immersion into our diverse ecosystem. The program aims at developing your talent and your leadership potential to give you what it takes to become one of tomorrow's leaders of the LVMH group!


What is a typical SPRING journey like? 

Starting from September 2022, SPRING will last 3 years, during which you will be given the chance to be fully integrated and discover the everyday life of 3 Maisons by working on 3 different missions of 10 months each. At the end of each mission, you will come together for the 'Summer Boosts', to be exposed to a set of various experiences such as international business challenges, leadership training… However, there is no 'typical' journey as each graduate has the chance to choose his/her missions.

What are the different jobs you can discover with this graduate program?

Our ambition is to give you the chance to experience our different key functions: two missions should be chosen among Retail & Sales, Marketing & Communications, Supply Chain & Operations. One of these missions should be a Strategic one.


How will the missions and Maisons be assigned to graduates? 

We will want you to take ownership of your career, thus you will be able to choose your missions ‘à la carte’, after the contract signature in June. All along your SPRING journey, you can count on a senior Mentor, a dedicated SPRING Team, and a strong HR Community to help you make the best career choices.

What type of contract do you offer for this program? 

Those selected for SPRING will be offered a full-time permanent contract starting from September 2022. Your landing job after the 3 years program is not predefined.



Can I apply as I still have to do one internship, the graduation one, and so I'll be officially graduating by January 2023?

Unfortunately, not. We only accept candidates who will be able to start full-time in September 2022. We do have plenty of Job opportunities amongst our Maisons that will best suit this timing. You can also stay tuned to our next Spring edition!

Is it possible to apply even if you haven't worked as an intern in this company before?

Absolutely! You do not need to have previous experience within the LVMH Group, nor within the luxury industry to be able to apply for SPRING. We welcome candidates from a diverse variety of backgrounds.

How do we apply?

You will be able to apply to the program by filling in a questionnaire, to be found on the LVMH Graduate Program page on the website before March 13th.


What development activities are proposed during the program?

As part of the program, you will participate in an onboarding week, receive regular coaching, learning and development activities, as well as leadership training.

As part of the program, you will participate in an onboarding week, receive regular coaching, learning and development activities including leadership training, international exposure, the discovery of our métiers and the value chain. Spring‘s motto is “Bloom, Grow, Thrive”: that says it all!

What are the opportunities after the graduate program? 

The objective of the program is to develop those who will be our leaders of tomorrow. After the 3 years, you will land into a managerial position, either within a Maison you had a mission at, or another one. Even after the program, you will be followed to make sure you grow and develop into a leadership position.