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Learn more about Merchandising at FRED

For Pauline Baltz, Merchandising is very crucial to optimize business opportunities and performance.

First, please tell us: what is merchandising?

Generally speaking, merchandising means optimising product stocks in order to maximise sales: putting the right product in the right place at the right time at the right price and in the right quantity; and providing the right information to clients in the right way.
In my position as part of the FRED marketing team, merchandising ranges from forecasting sales for each collection and type, to defining a selection adapted to each store, to aligning them with the brand strategy in an effort to increase sales and reach the targeted sales mix. It also includes ensuring a relevant product selection to be promoted through 360 programs in order to reach or surpass the forecasts, and analysing sales performances.
For example, after analysing the sales and stocks and discussing them with the sales operations and market teams, I suggested a selection of Bridal boutiques and clusters with a view to adapting the carat offer to the performance and potential of each cluster. The aim was to optimise business opportunities and increase sales.

How would you describe your workday?

It is also diverse: from meetings and discussions with various people (group marketing managers, commercial operation teams, financial advisers, market managers, and so on), to determining an action plan proposal to improve performance, to performing a simulation on Excel.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Remaining flexible and quickly adapting to developments, especially in the context of COVID. When I forecast results, I have to consider the impact of changes in the global economic context.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently establishing a Middle & High Jewellery rotation calendar. To do so, I am interviewing executives from every market to understand their needs and propose the best product rotation scenario taking into account shipping times.

What book represents your approach?

« A la verticale de soi » by Stéphanie Bodet, the autobiography of a French Mountain climber who is always up to the next challenge!

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