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    We are launching a Graduate Program

    What is a graduate program? A graduate program is an accelerated training program offered by certain companies for fresh graduates. It generally lasts between 1 and 5 years. Period of time during which the candidate holds different positions and has different missions, called “rotations” within a company. These programs are very common in big companies, they aim at training young graduates with a lot of potential into becoming future leaders. You might have guessed it already but… we are launching our own graduate program! And we are the first french scale up taking the leap. Malt’s graduate program Our Graduate Program offers young graduates with a taste for mobility, entrepreneurship and challenges a springboard for their professional career at Malt. The program lasts 18 months and includes 3 rotations within any chosen team at Malt. There is a possibility for candidates to spend 6 months in any of our countries (Spain, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and many more to come) if the local language level allows it. The contract is a permanent contract: the fresh graduate gets to stay at Malt after the program, with a perfect knowledge of the business to start their career Choice at the center of the program Malt’s graduate program is a “custom-made” program that educates, inspires personal growth, and builds professional confidence to create a priceless career at Malt. Choice being at the center of Malt’s culture, we want our graduates to be able to choose which team they want to discover amongst any department. For example, the graduate can start in the Sales team and evolve in Human Resources, Marketing, Operations or Data. This allows the graduate to build a career that is unique and representative of his/her ambitions, which is what we love at Malt! What profiles do we seek? For this program, we seek master’s degree graduating students from top schools in Business or Engineering. However, we do not recruit on hard skills. We want to focus truly on the candidates’ soft skills. What is very important for us is to have proactive candidates, who are willing to learn & work in the dynamic environment that a scaleup is. The ability to handle multi tasks and prioritize multiple projects is valued. Do you feel up to the challenge? Apply here!