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Odoo s.a. (the company) develops a business management software named: Odoo (the product). No, it’s not the most original name, but it’s definitely easy to remember, wouldn’t you say?
This management software consists of an impressive suite of business applications, such as Sales, Accounting, Inventory, HR, Project, CRM, eCommerce, and so much more. All these applications are integrated with one another.
Odoo strives to be one of the top Open-Source contributors in the world. One of our core beliefs is that knowledge should be free for all. We also think that making code available to the masses is awesome, and working with communities is immensely instructive.

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LabOdoo - Educational laboratory for future entrepreneurs

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THE event of the year for us: the Odoo Experience. Aftermovie 2022!

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    29 years

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    Autonomy • Take initiatives • Learn from your failure • Multinational