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  • Company life

    We are a Great Place To Work!

    We did it again! We can wear the Great Place to Work label for yet another year! A result we like to celebrate as a confirmation of our feedback culture, the space for jokes and the connection we build with each other. And it’s not just a label, 99% of our respondents say we truly are great, or special as we like to call it. Let’s dive into highlights and areas of growth revealed by this survey.... 

  • Company life

    Coaching at Ormit Talent: Insights from Pamela (management alumni)

    A traineeship at Ormit Talent means looking in the mirror together with your coach. Why Ormit Talent? What’s the essence of coaching? What is its added value in the early years of your career? For answers, we sat down with Pamela, a management trainee, about the added value of coaching and its impact on her personal and professional development. Discover het story on our website.

  • Company life

    Talent Development Manager Joke on talents

    Alright, so you’ve finished your studies or are about to. Now what?   You’re probably thinking, “I’ll go hunt for an interesting job.” But how do you find one, and what even qualifies as “interesting”? Is it the job content that matters, how many hard skills you can acquire, having an inspiring boss who’s a mentor? Or is it landing a gig at a cool company that values your talents? With a boss who recognizes your strengths and lets you shine? At Ormit Talent, we firmly believe that investment in strengths is crucial for job satisfaction. And guess what? We’re not alone in this. Read our blog and discover more about the impact of investing in talents and our approach. 

  • Other

    I’m transitioning…. from student to professional. 5 tips on how to make this transition a success

    That degree you worked so hard for is finally yours. You even successfully applied for that job that will kick-start your career. Party time is over because you mean business! However, the first steps into the professional world are not always that comfortable. You have to work with people you have never met. You are not entirely sure how to meet the expectations of your boss. And on top of that, the organization that you start to work for is maybe not as well structured as you expected it to be. Mmmmm, doubt, frustration, what to do? Here are 5 tips to ease the transition into the professional world…

  • Recruitment

    Young talents and their stressors when choosing a first job

    Do you feel the pressure to succeed early on? You are not alone. Many young talents face stress when looking for a job. It’s important to understand which stressors block you from making a decision. In this article, we’ll dig deeper into the stressors that young talents are facing when it comes to picking their first job. Pretty sure, you’ll recognize some of these stressors when you look in the mirror.  So read on our article and discover some of our tips to lower your stress.

  • Company life

    Looking back on two years with Sébastien

    Last year, Sébastien completed his management traineeship at Ormit Talent. However, he decided to continue his journey with Ormit Talent as a member of the sales team. He believes discovery is one of the core values of Ormit Talent. Keep reading to find out what that means to him and what he discovered in the last two years. Click the link to read his full testimonial.

  • Recruitment

    Not rugby players. Scrum masters.

    Scrum. A way of resuming play after a minor, technical offense within rugby. But it also exists within companies, as a flexible product development framework. A way of working, inspired by scrum within rugby, yes. Cooperation, adaptability, speed and self-managing teams are part of this way of working. What’s the role of a scrum master within scrum? Discover it in our our article. For the record, even though we love rugby, we’re talking about scrum within companies as of now ;)

  • Recruitment

    Squid Game, The Big Bang Theory or Game of Thrones: Finding your perfect match in the world of traineeships

    Thursday evening. It’s finally raining again. And your couch looks soo inviting. A lot of series are waiting for you to be streamed and discovered. But you have some serious work to do. ‘It’s decided. I’m going for a traineeship!’ you told your beloved cat. Good thinking! A traineeship really is a proven formula to kick start your career. But traineeships come in many different shapes and forms. Just like those series you just have to binge. Binging or applying? What to do? Just do both! To help you find your perfect match, we listed here the most important series in the big world of traineeships.