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    PTC Munich Open Day

    Join us for a day of innovation and networking at our PTC Open Day in Munich on June 12th! Discover the power of PTC with insightful presentations, interactive demos, and engaging discussions. Learn how our cutting-edge technology is transforming industries and driving digital transformation forward. Plus, don't miss out on the chance to connect with industry leaders and fellow innovators at our rooftop terrace social mixer with stunning views of Munich. Mark your calendars and RSVP now for an engaging afternoon of exploration and connection! Reserve your seat: We can't wait to see you there!

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    StudiesIn & PTC - what a match!

    StudiesIn, the end-to-end study abroad portal for Spain assisted already more than 6,000 international students in fulfilling their dream of studying abroad in Spain. StudiesIn helps international students with university selection and placements, legal procedures like visa and residence permits as well as other landing services around studying, like housing or insurance. Their mission is to create equal opportunities by empowering global talent. This desire and inspiration to support young talent derives from the academic and professional journey of the co-founder and CEO, Tom Miessen. Tom is from Germany and moved to Barcelona in 2016 to study an MBA with a specialization in Entrepreneurship at the European University in Barcelona. During his studies he joined PTC , an American software company, for an internship in business development. In an ever-changing digital technological world, PTC works together with customers and employees to help navigate and survive the competitive landscape. It does so by accelerating digital transformation across their products, operations, and workforce. PTC's mission is to give their customers and employees the “Power To Create” a better world as a team. During the internship Tom worked for PTC in their Barcelona and Munich offices. PTC provided a learning place for Tom to develop skills such as lead generation, cold calling, account management, client communication, building relationships with company stakeholders as well as internal pre-sales, sales, marketing, and partnership teams, and more. His master thesis written with PTC explored the topic of 'How the Internet of Things triggers technology companies into developing a framework to structure their partner ecosystem'. After his internship and MBA graduation, Tom joined PTC as a full-time employee in a business development role. He recounts his time at the software company in a young, dynamic, and familiar atmosphere. Working with colleagues from at least 15 different nationalities was an eye-opening experience which fostered cultural exchange and sensitivity. The working ambience at PTC empowers individual growth and implementing their employee's ideas. These facets enriched Tom’s experience at PTC and developed a unique skillset, which he later used to create the edtech company StudiesIn. In particular the multicultural environment and the emphasis on empowering others to grow have been instrumental in the success of StudiesIn. In 2023, the startup experienced its most successful year to date and has a projection of assisting thousands of international students with their study abroad dream in Spain next year. Tom’s story is an example of the journey of an international student that studied in a foreign country and went on to enter the labor market in a new environment. Networking and developing crucial skills with PTC have enabled him to eventually create his own company StudiesIn, which today creates similar opportunities to future students and young professionals. Focusing on their mission “to create equal opportunities by empowering global talent”, StudiesIn prepares its students for the academic as well as professional world in Spain and Europe. The strategic collaboration between PTC and StudiesIn provides important opportunities for international students to find internships, entry level and even senior level positions at PTC. Be sure to learn more about PTC and StudiesIn, whether you are a student looking for assistance or a professional who is passionate about empowering global talent towards making the world a better place.

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    PTC Announces CEO Succession Plan

    PTC announced that Neil Barua, President of PTC’s Service Lifecycle Management business, will succeed James Heppelmann as Chief Executive Officer of PTC at the time of the Company’s annual shareholder meeting in February 2024. At that time, Mr. Heppelmann will step down as CEO and retire, concluding a distinguished 26 years of service at the Company, including 13 years as CEO. Effective immediately, Mr. Heppelmann is appointed Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Barua is appointed CEO-elect and to PTC’s Board of Directors. The CEO transition is the culmination of the Board’s comprehensive succession planning process to ensure leadership continuity and to position PTC for continued growth. Mr. Heppelmann and Mr. Barua will work closely together through February 2024 to ensure an orderly transition of responsibilities. Bob Schechter, who has served as Chairman of PTC’s Board of Directors for the last eight years, said, “Neil is the ideal person to lead PTC in its next chapter. He’s a seasoned technology executive with a proven track record of growing software businesses and supporting industrial companies with their digital transformation journeys. He combines this with a strong financial acumen, a customer-first mindset, and a leadership style that empowers employees. The Board and I have great confidence that PTC has a bright future ahead with Neil serving as CEO alongside the rest of the Company’s experienced leadership team.” Mr. Schechter continued, “Throughout his tenure as CEO, Jim has demonstrated unwavering commitment to PTC, and his positive impact on the Company cannot be overstated. His visionary leadership has helped transform PTC into the category leader in the product lifecycle management (PLM) market and has driven record financial performance for shareholders. The Board sincerely thanks Jim for all his contributions to date, and we look forward to our continued work together.” Mr. Heppelmann said, “I’m immensely proud of all that PTC has accomplished during my 26 years with the Company, including these last 13 as CEO. PTC has become a premier digital transformation partner to our customers, with the most differentiated software portfolio in our industry. I'm confident that PTC has never been in a better position to deliver value to our customers and our shareholders as we begin this next chapter. Having worked closely with Neil since the ServiceMax acquisition, I can attest first-hand to his focus on our customers’ and employees’ success, his understanding of PTC’s market opportunities for the entire software portfolio, and his principles of financial and operational discipline. I’m confident that Neil, along with our proven executive leadership team, will keep PTC on a path of sustained growth and success.” Mr. Barua said, “It’s an honor to be named the next CEO of PTC, and I greatly appreciate the confidence the Board has placed in me. PTC is a terrific company with great customers, talented employees, and the strongest product portfolio in our industry. The Company has been performing exceptionally well, and we’ll build on this success as we enter our next chapter. I look forward to working with Jim and our executive team during this transition and deepening my relationships with our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.” For more information about PTC’s CEO succession plan, please visit the CEO Succession page on About Mr. Barua Mr. Barua has an extensive background in the technology industry and a proven track record of growing businesses. Mr. Barua is the former Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMax, a recognized leader in cloud-native, product-centric field service management (FSM) software, which PTC acquired in January 2023. Following the acquisition, Mr. Barua led PTC’s Service Lifecycle Management business until his appointment as CEO-elect. Previously, Mr. Barua served as an operating partner at Silver Lake, a global leader in technology investing. Earlier in his career, Mr. Barua was CEO of IPC Systems, a global provider of specialized technology solutions for the financial services community. Mr. Barua holds a B.S. in Finance & Economics from the NYU Stern School of Business.

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    PTC Acquires pure-systems

    PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) has acquired pure-systems, a leading provider of product and software variant management solutions. Manufacturing companies use pure-systems’ pure::variants® solution to efficiently manage the different variations of software and systems engineering assets across their product configurations. PTC and pure-systems had partnered prior to the acquisition, and pure::variants is already integrated with and directly complements PTC’s Codebeamer® application lifecycle management (ALM) solution and similarly complements PTC’s Windchill® product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions. The addition of pure-systems is expected to support PTC’s leading position in the fast-growing ALM market, drive additional ALM growth, and enhance relationships with customers in regulated industries – including automotive, aerospace, and medical device manufacturers – which are increasingly prioritizing software in their product designs. “The acquisition of pure-systems adds important functionality to our ALM suite that is critical to manufacturers around the world,” said Jim Heppelmann, Chairman and CEO, PTC. “Manufacturers are increasingly turning to software to differentiate their products and to create different versions of their products to address the full range of customer needs. In particular, automakers that are investing heavily in software-defined vehicles require tightly integrated ALM and software variant management solutions to plan and deliver the different software configurations that power their range of vehicle offerings. We believe that the combination of Codebeamer and pure::variants positions PTC as one of the leading providers of software requirements, configuration, testing, and validation solutions in the market.” “The pure-systems team is thrilled to join PTC and continue supporting our manufacturing customers’ needs for software variant management solutions,” said Danilo Beuche, CEO, pure-systems. “PTC shares our focus on this critical need for companies that make complex, regulated products and on the importance of an open ecosystem approach. We are proud of what the pure-systems team has accomplished for our customers to this point, and we are excited to join PTC’s ALM group to continue to grow our position in this important market.” 

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    PTC Barcelona organizes an Open Day!

    Join us for the PTC Barcelona Open Day on October 5th! Are you curious about how digital solutions are transforming the physical world? Don't miss this fun event! What to expect: - Engaging Demos: Witness groundbreaking technology integrating the physical and digital realms, driving efficiency and productivity. - Expert Insights: Learn from industry experts about the digital transformation landscape through engaging workshops. - Career Opportunities: Explore exciting career paths in the innovative technology space. - Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals and industry peers during a social mixer on our rooftop terrace with sea views Save the Date: October 5th at 14h Location: PTC Barcelona Office (One Parc Central, C/ Marroc 33, 08018 Barcelona) Limited spaces available! Register now to secure your spot: Join us as we shape the future together! See you there! 

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    PTC Completes Acquisition of ServiceMax

    PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) today announced that it has completed its acquisition of ServiceMax from an entity majority owned by Silver Lake. The acquisition adds important field service management (FSM) capabilities to PTC’s closed-loop product lifecycle management (PLM) and digital thread offerings. ServiceMax provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-native FSM capabilities for servicing complex long-lifecycle products, including managing information about serviced products, creating and managing work orders, and scheduling and dispatching technicians. Product manufacturers increasingly view their product-related service offerings as an important business strategy for maintaining product performance, increasing customer satisfaction, driving revenue growth, and expanding profitability. “Completing the ServiceMax acquisition ushers in the next era of PTC’s closed-loop PLM strategy,” said Jim Heppelmann, President and CEO, PTC. “With the ServiceMax® FSM suite in our portfolio, the solution set we can now offer for the service part of the product lifecycle is one of the broadest in the industry. We look forward to expanding the ServiceMax business globally and bringing these important product service capabilities to our customers.”  Additional Resources PTC to Acquire Leading SaaS Field Service Management Provider ServiceMax  ServiceMax Website  

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    Defining Metaverse for Industrial Companies

    Over the last several months, the word "metaverse" has blown up across tech-oriented headlines, spurred in no small part by Facebook's Connect 2021 decision to rebrand as "Meta". Of course, much of the buzz has targeted the consumer (and the abstract), so many executives may be asking themselves: "What is a metaverse and what does it mean for my business?" In its simplest form the metaverse is an immersive, interactive medium where digital representations of people interact with each other and digital objects in a virtual space.  A metaverse experience can be almost entirely divorced from the physical world, allowing people from around the globe to engage with each other in fictitious environments, governed by software code rather than laws of nature.  For example, massive multiplayer video games like World of Warcraft and Fortnite represent primitive metaverses - complete with their own variety of activities, social interactions, events and even economies. WIth virtual reality (VR) technology, these and other metaverse experiences can become more immersive. Far richer metaverse instances leverage augmented reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to blur the lines between digital and physical experiences, with digital objects and avatars extending into physical space and vice versa.  Read more about it on our website through the link below!

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    PTC completes acquisition of Intland Software

    PTC has completed its acquisition of Intland Software. The acquisition will significantly broaden and deepen PTC's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) footprint across safety-critical and regulated industries, including automotive, life sciences, consumer electronics, and aerospace and defence. PTC plans to offer the Intland Codebeamer next-generation ALM suite standalone and in conjunction with both its Windchill and Arena PLM offerings, and to continue to enhance and support its current ALM solution. "We are pleased to complete the acquisition of Intland," said Jim Heppelmann, President and CEO, PTC. "Codebeamer is fast becoming the new standard in safte-critical and regulated industries as products are increasingly differentiated by software. The addition of Codebeamer to our ALM suite will bolster both ALM and PLM growth potential by significantly increasing our product strength and market momentum."