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StudiesIn & PTC - what a match!

StudiesIn, the end-to-end study abroad portal for Spain assisted already more than 6,000 international students in fulfilling their dream of studying abroad in Spain. StudiesIn helps international students with university selection and placements, legal procedures like visa and residence permits as well as other landing services around studying, like housing or insurance. Their mission is to create equal opportunities by empowering global talent.

This desire and inspiration to support young talent derives from the academic and professional journey of the co-founder and CEO, Tom Miessen. Tom is from Germany and moved to Barcelona in 2016 to study an MBA with a specialization in Entrepreneurship at the European University in Barcelona. During his studies he joined PTC , an American software company, for an internship in business development.

In an ever-changing digital technological world, PTC works together with customers and employees to help navigate and survive the competitive landscape. It does so by accelerating digital transformation across their products, operations, and workforce. PTC's mission is to give their customers and employees the “Power To Create” a better world as a team.

During the internship Tom worked for PTC in their Barcelona and Munich offices. PTC provided a learning place for Tom to develop skills such as lead generation, cold calling, account management, client communication, building relationships with company stakeholders as well as internal pre-sales, sales, marketing, and partnership teams, and more. His master thesis written with PTC explored the topic of 'How the Internet of Things triggers technology companies into developing a framework to structure their partner ecosystem'.

After his internship and MBA graduation, Tom joined PTC as a full-time employee in a business development role. He recounts his time at the software company in a young, dynamic, and familiar atmosphere. Working with colleagues from at least 15 different nationalities was an eye-opening experience which fostered cultural exchange and sensitivity. The working ambience at PTC empowers individual growth and implementing their employee's ideas.

These facets enriched Tom’s experience at PTC and developed a unique skillset, which he later used to create the edtech company StudiesIn. In particular the multicultural environment and the emphasis on empowering others to grow have been instrumental in the success of StudiesIn. In 2023, the startup experienced its most successful year to date and has a projection of assisting thousands of international students with their study abroad dream in Spain next year.

Tom’s story is an example of the journey of an international student that studied in a foreign country and went on to enter the labor market in a new environment. Networking and developing crucial skills with PTC have enabled him to eventually create his own company StudiesIn, which today creates similar opportunities to future students and young professionals.

Focusing on their mission “to create equal opportunities by empowering global talent”, StudiesIn prepares its students for the academic as well as professional world in Spain and Europe. The strategic collaboration between PTC and StudiesIn provides important opportunities for international students to find internships, entry level and even senior level positions at PTC.

Be sure to learn more about PTC and StudiesIn, whether you are a student looking for assistance or a professional who is passionate about empowering global talent towards making the world a better place.