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“JobTeaser allows us to save time, get our job postings out there, and generate many qualified leads. The platform has become one of our main sourcing assets for hiring, and we use it every day.”

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“Our number one goal is to promote the Credendo brand and the career opportunities our company can offer students and recent graduates. Our partnership with JobTeaser plays a pivotal role in achieving this objective across a growing European network. There’s enormous potential for our future collaboration with JobTeaser!”


“JobTeaser helps us highlight our employer branding by sharing it with students in our targeted universities, directly on their intranet. This way, our future employees will be able to understand if our ecosystem is the right one for them... and their onboarding is much easier.”

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“JobTeaser is a showcase of choice for students. The website insures our visibility among this sometimes hard-to-reach audience.”


Frequently asked questions

  • You have two options: - You can publish your job offers free of charge by logging on to the website of the school where you wish to publish your offer. You can repeat this action for as many schools as you like. - With our premium version, you can publish your offers in just 1 click to the heart of our network of schools and universities. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors for further details.


Frequently asked questions

  • We offer two options : - With the free version, subject to compliance with the JobTeaser general terms and conditions of use, you can manually publish your vacancies one by one and school by school, by logging on to the site of the school in which you want your vacancy to be visible. - With the Premium version, publish your vacancies in a single click directly to our entire network of partner schools. Contact us to find out more about the services we offer.